Bożonarodzeniowe Dni Dobra

"Święta to nie tylko czas otwierania prezentów ale przede wszystkim czas otwierania naszych serc"


Do you want to donate what is most valuable? Your time?


Do you have the possibility to make a monetary donation? Do you want to know how to do it and what it will be used for?


What is it all about?

Christmas is a magical time when miracles can happen. And that’s exactly what we want to do this year for children from disadvantaged families. 3 days of workshops, games, sweets and gifts for those who have to decide on a daily basis how not to go hungry at the end of the month….

Would you like to be with us in this magical place? 🎄


Registration for the event closed on 11/12 at 4pm

What attractions will be available?

Every child and single parent will receive a gift from us, and refreshments (dumplings, salad, sandwiches, cakes, sweets) will be available for participants.
In the workshop area, you will be able to meet live owls, take part in various workshops, listen to concerts, and meet mascots, characters from films or fairy tales in the event area.

Who are we supporting?

Children …

… from families in need of support.
… from families where there is a disability.
… single parents.
… from families who take children into foster care.
… from families with many children in difficult circumstances.
… from migrant and refugee families.

What do we need?

In order to make such a unique event we need a very large amount of resources or funding for it. Would you like to help? See what we need and join the ranks of our donors or collection organisers! Even one chocolate or one litre of milk will bring joy to our beneficiaries!


Did you know that right next door, in the same neighbourhood, in the same city, there are children who will be hungry at Christmas?
Help us make a difference. For the parcels we need: basic food, baking products, tinned vegetables, tinned meat and fish.


When you don’t have money for food or medicine, though your heart may want to give a child everything they want you just can’t do it… That’s why we want to give joy to children on this day.
Do you want to help make it happen? Donate new toys to us. Make a collection of used, complete puzzles, games, Barbie dolls and deliver them to us.


Every little and big child likes to eat something sweet sometimes. Help us sweeten their lives!
We need: chocolates, cakes, bars, biscuits, chocolates, creams, crisps, sticks, popcorn and other snacks.


We need to wrap gifts in something, and you probably have half a cupboard of gift bags! Choose those in size min. A5 and not intended for alcohol and make sure the kids get wrapped presents!


Children’s sense of security depends on their parents. That is why we would like to give mothers some sort of a small gift.
Do you have any unwanted gifts? Cosmetics? Jewellery? Small accessories? Hand them over to us and give someone great joy they can’t hope for on a normal day.


What can we say… Some things can’t get done without money, so to do a really good event we also need funding – whether it’s resources or the services needed to run the event.

So join us now
and do something good for Christmas!


Where will Bożonarodzeniowe Dni Dobra be held?

Bożonarodzeniowe Dni Dobra 2023 will take place on the 13th-16th of December at the e10 Centre at 10 Elektronowa Street in Warsaw.

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Patronat Honorowy Prezydenta m. st. Warszawy
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Bank Żywności SOS w Warszawie
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