Join the volunteers!

Discover the power of your impact!

Join the volunteers at the Christmas Days of Good, where your actions will have a real impact on improving the lives of others. Together we can build a better world full of empathy, support and positive change – sign up and see how much good you can do!

Join the volunteers!

From 9.-12. December, we are already fully staffed. Thank you for the many applications!

From 13.12-16.17 we will need support with:

  • assistance to artists and workshop instructors,
  • working with guests – at the reception desk, handing out gifts or parcels,
  • working in the cafeteria,
  • maintenance work.

If you have a car and free time in the evenings, you can also help us to collect bread/sweets from the bakery from 11-16.12.

What can you get from volunteering?