About us

What is this all about?

Well, the point is that every day there is no consent in us for injustice and suffering, for poverty and hunger. Especially among children. On top of that, we have this dose of madness in us that allows us to believe that we can make at least a little difference in the world.

And we make them. For a day, two or three. We invite several thousand families, we do workshops, organise art shows, concerts, give gifts to children and their mothers, and invite them to enjoy a treat.

We’re not going to change the whole world, you were told that many times, weren’t you?

… but we have to start somewhere.

Christmas Days of Good is our step towards a better world: a more tolerant world, with fewer people who are hungry.

Who is responsible for the organisation of the Christmas Days of Good 2023?

The Christmas Days of Good is organised by the Inna Przestrzeń Foundation, which is a non profit NGO. It was established in June 2006 as a continuation of the activities of a team of people who initiated and successfully implemented various social and artistic projects concerning human rights within other NGOs (including, among others, the Warsaw group Amnesty International and the Polish Association of Friends of Tibet).

The Foundation is active in promoting openness, democracy and multiculturalism.

The coordinator of the event is Anna Kłos – a volunteer, compulsive helper and privately a mother of two toddlers, who holds the position of coordinator of the Dom Matki project at the foundation on a daily basis.

The volunteer deputy coordinator is Lucyna Jaczewska – a compulsive helper, a person who gives her heart to others in every situation, a volunteer who cooperates with many foundations and aid associations in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.