Support of companies and institutions

Charitable campaigns play a very important role, integrating communities and benefiting on many different levels.

By getting involved, companies not only help, but also strengthen their image and fulfil their social responsibility, which builds customer trust.

Schools, by participating in such initiatives, foster attitudes of altruism in pupils, teaching them empathy and cooperation.

Associations, through community involvement, mobilise people to effectively help those in need, creating strong social bonds and inspiring positive change in the world around us.

This is why it is extremely important for each of us – whatever our role in society, in our local community, to get involved in events for the benefit of those in need according to our capabilities.

What are the possibilities for joint action at the Christmas Days of Good?

1. Companies and institutions

Companies choosing to donate to charitable organisations and events are taking one of their most appreciated actions. 

As we usually say – unfortunately, some things cannot be done without money. Pay for services, utility bills, get some very valuable resources (such as food and cleaning supplies). 

Therefore, if your company has the opportunity to give us a monetary donation, we will be more than grateful, because it will allow us to pay for paramedics, security and personal protective equipment for the volunteers so that the event is safe for each participant, it will allow us to provide materials for the workshops, food for the packages and groceries for the refreshments. 

Any amount – whether it’s 500 PLN or 50,000 PLN – is important to us!

The time, skills and heart that people are willing to give to work for the benefit of those in need cannot be overestimated. That is why any company willing to donate the time of its employees is a very valuable, and most respectable, partner for us. 

Employee volunteering, is a great idea that shows an employer’s commitment to improving the surrounding community. 

1, 2, 3, 300 employees – any number of people willing to help will be hugely important to us, because the more of us there are, the more good we can do. We believe that these 8 hours, work tasks, turned into giving joy to children, will be the best investment in development, because it will help change the world at least a little bit for the better.

Generally, every company produces something or provides some kind of services. And, generally, our business needs them, so there is huge scope for cooperation in this field too. 

Your company produces food, beverages, chemicals? We need this very much for our packages.

Do you make clothes, toys, gadgets, cosmetics? We’d love to give these as gifts to our event guests.

Have you changed your design and have products or gadgets in an old design? We are more than happy to pass them on to those for whom they will be hugely valuable. 

Have you made too many promotional gadgets, sweets or lollipops for an event? We will add them to the gifts and give great joy to the children in the process!

Do you provide telecommunications services? Help us provide free wifi, communication between staff and volunteers.

Do you have a car fleet? Help us to transport donations 🙂 

Do you have unwanted telephone and computer equipment? We are happy to recondition it and give it to those in need as gifts.

Do you have a contract with a taxi company? Donate vouchers to us so we can help our disabled get to the event, volunteers doing workshops transport materials, etc.

Are you an event company or do you have company gadgets? Our children will be happy with every little thing you can spare. 

Do you have products that are faulty but usable? Bad packaging? Badly sewn on labels? A different colour than intended? A print that is not perfect? It doesn’t matter to us. All that matters is that the products are fit for their original purpose. The T-shirts had no holes, the sweets were fit for consumption, the pens were writing…. 

The possibilities are endless. Just get back to us and say “we want to help!” and we will certainly find a way together to do it.

Your company wants to support us by making a donation but prefers to purchase specific items? No problem. We will sign a contract, pick up the donation or you can order them directly to us 🙂 We would love to pass on donations from you to those in need!

Would you like to provide the children you invite to the event with a unique attraction? How about winter experiments? Or a meeting with owls? Or a merry-go-round or train for small kids?

Nothing simpler 🙂 The cost of such an attraction ranges from several hundred to several thousand depending on the type. Decide how much you can spend on getting our little guests to dreamland and get in touch with us 🙂

Would you like to get involved in our activities, but at the moment you do not have the capacity to allocate resources, be they financial, material or human?

No problem. We can continue to work together for a better world around us. 

You can tell people about us in your newsletter, you can send a mailing to your customers encouraging them to find out more about us and get involved, you can inform people in about our event, but also that people in need will be able to sign up for it. 

Just be with us and help us reach as many people as possible. By doing so, you will help us find those who may want to join us, but also those who will have a particularly sad Christmas without us.

At the moment we are supported by:

2. Universities, schools, kindergartens

The school not only teaches, but also supports in shaping the character and values of young people. That is why it is so important that, in addition to curriculum education, it shows children and teenagers that it is worthwhile to get involved in various, charitable endeavours. In addition to building empathy in them, volunteering will also allow them to develop numerous skills. such as tolerance and openness to differences, interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving and organising activities.

What do the volunteers do during the event?

🌟 they wrap presents for the children and parcels with Christmas products,
🌟 they decorate the event venue,
🌟 they help with the preparation of the refreshments,
🌟 help with the preparation of materials for the children’s workshops,
🌟 they help with the reception, cloakroom etc. 

… and much more 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Would you like to join a volunteer service individually? Check out the VOLUNTEER tab.

Would you like to join our campaign as a volunteer coordinator in a school/educational institution? Write at – we’ll send you all flyers and materials. 

Although barely a few percent of the population lives in extreme poverty in Poland, this still means more than a million people. This includes a great many children. They are also in our city, in our neighbourhood, in the area closest to our homes. This is why it is so important that, in the face of child hunger, we stand in solidarity and support such families with what they need most – food.

Our dream is that no one should go hungry at Christmas. That is why we will donate as many packages as we can collect.

What do we need?
❄️ jarred/canned vegetable salads (e.g. vegetable salad mix, cabbage, pickled and canned vegetables),
❄️ baking products: flour, milk, oil, sugar, dry yeast, baking powder,
❄️ groats: buckwheat and semolina,
❄️ tinned meat products: pâtés and canned hams,
❄️ canned fish,
❄️ fruit in jars or tins (e.g. peaches, pineapples, compotes),
❄️ nuts, nuts, dried fruit,
❄️ basic foodstuffs such as salt, oil, breakfast cereals, oatmeal, jam, etc.
❄️ sweets and snacks for packets: chocolates, chocolate bars, biscuits, biscuits, biscuits, crisps, sticks, nuts, crackers.

We can collect the items from the school collections ourselves from the Warsaw area and the immediate surroundings until 8.12.

What child doesn’t dream of presents? We try very hard to make sure each of them gets something new in their pack, but we know that many of our children have cupboards full of toys they don’t play with. It makes sense for these to go to children who have nothing. That’s why we are always happy to add something from the collections to a new toy.

🎁 Games and puzzles (new or used fully complete and protected from scattering – e.g. with adhesive tape),
🎁 Barbie dolls in complete costume so that they can go straight from the collection into the children’s parcels,
🎁 Toys for babies and small children,
🎁 unused colouring books, crayons, paints, other art supplies for children.

We can collect the items from the school collections ourselves from the Warsaw area and the immediate surroundings until 8.12.

Let those of us who don’t have half a closet of used gift bags throw the first stone 😉

And whoever has, give them to us and we will give them a new life.

That’s why we encourage everyone to organize gift bag collections. We need any kind in sizes min. A5 (and not intended for alcohol).

Does your facility have no way to get involved in fundraising or volunteering? It’s small and you don’t have the opportunity to participate otherwise? Share information about the event. Maybe one of your students’ parents will be able to involve their company? Or maybe just the opposite – is one of your parents in a situation where they should come to the event and use our help?

Currently, we are supported by 42 institutions!

3 Foundations and associations

Would you like to provide a unique attraction to the children we invite to the event? How about winter experiments? Or a meeting with owls? Or a merry-go-round or toddler train?

Nothing simpler 🙂 The cost of such an attraction ranges from several hundred to several thousand depending on the type. Decide how much you can spend on transporting our little guests to dreamland and get in touch with us 🙂

We repeat it over and over again – it is thanks to all the volunteers that we can operate. We have great respect and great sympathy for everyone who, like us, devotes their time and heart to others. Therefore, if you have a network of volunteers, we encourage you to involve them in our event ❤️

Is your foundation or association involved in something that might be interesting for our guests? You can organize your attraction with us! 🙂

Sometimes you have a lot of desire, but few opportunities – we know this very well. Therefore, if you want to be with us, we invite you. Publish information about us, send a newsletter… Maybe one of your fans will be able to engage their company? Or maybe just the opposite – is one of the people you follow in a situation where they need help?

We are currently supported by:

What can organizations cooperating with us count on?

Every company, foundation, association, school can count on having its logo in all our materials and on the website.

Each company, organization or school will receive written thanks from us and a thank you entry on the website.

We guarantee references for collection coordinators.

Volunteers will receive a certificate of volunteering and a small gift.

We can sign a donation agreement with both companies and private individuals who donate to us, and since we are an NGO, you can benefit from tax relief. Want to know more about it? Read about relief for private individuals here. Here you can read more about tax settlement of a donation in a company (pl).

How to start a cooperation?

Contact us and write what you want to do with us 🙂 🙂

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