Become a relief leader/leader by doing a collection among your friends or neighbours!

🎁 Many of the things we need to organise Christmas Days of Good are in your homes and often not needed there at all 😉 

🎄 Therefore, if you want to help, do a collection among your friends or neighbours of the items we need. Perhaps you and a group of work colleagues would like to join us? All it takes is for everyone in a team of ten to buy one chocolate and we can manage to make ten children happy! 🦌 

Do you have a cupboard full of gift bags? We can wrap our presents for children  in them!

🤶 Do you have unwanted gifts lying under your bed? Give them to us and we will pass them as gifts to the mums of the children at our event.

🎅 Did your child get a duplicate toy or get bored with something? It will be a treasure for the child to whom we give it at Christmas Days of Good.

Don’t waste the opportunity to make things you don’t need treasures for those who have less!

What are we collecting?

Gift bags

All bags in size min. A5 and not for alcohol as well as wrapping paper, ribbons and gift decorations. Of course, used ones are great – we’d love to give them a new life!


– jarred/canned vegetable salads (e.g. vegetable salad mix, cabbage, pickled and canned vegetables),
– baking products: flour, milk, oil, sugar, dry yeast, baking powder,
– groats: buckwheat and semolina,
– canned meats: canned pâtés and hams and canned fish,
– jarred or tinned fruit (e.g. peaches, pineapples, compotes),
– nuts, nuts, dried fruit,
– basic foodstuffs such as salt, oil, breakfast cereals, oatmeal, jam, etc,
– sweets for parcels: chocolates, chocolate bars, biscuits, jelly sweets, biscuits
– snacks for parcels: crisps, crackers, nuts, crisps, sticks.


– all new toys,
– games and puzzles (new or used fully complete and protected against scattering – e.g. with adhesive tape),
– Barbie dolls in complete costume so that they can go straight from the collection into children’s parcels,
– toys for babies and small children,
– unused colouring books, crayons, paints, other art supplies for children.

All kinds of unwanted gifts

Have you received something you don’t need? Cosmetics? Small accessories? Books? Candles and other home decorations? We are more than happy to accept them from you and donate them as trinkets for mums of disadvantaged families. Why? Because they too need someone to remember them, someone to smile at them and make this one day better than any other.

How to do a collection?

❄️ decide what you want to collect and among which group,

❄️ reach us at or +48 730 344 384 and let us know what you want to collect and when,

❄️ if you need the content of an advertisement, poster or flyer to be printed and hung in your staircase or put in your neighbours’ mailboxes – let us know – we will send you the files,

❄️ announce the collection – post on Facebook, speak privately to friends, tell people at work, at your child’s school/preschool/nursery,

❄️ collect from the first days of December and during the collection remind your friends that they can join in,

❄️ donate your collected items to us between 6-10.12!


We are accepting donations from collections until 10 December.

Where can you donate to us?

Warsaw city centre

Centrum Wsparcia Koordynacji
39 Sienna St, 1st floor

Mon-Sat. 10-20

Warsaw - Białołęka

Dom Matki
25 Malego Rycerza Street

daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.